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Blue Tech Water was formed by a group of water treatment professionals with a common desire to provide proven solutions to the customers we are privileged to serve. Our goal is to offer comprehensive strategies which are both performance oriented and meet the economic requirements of affordability in a competitive environment.  Our executive team offers industry expertise in each of our five key platforms of product offering. Our combined industry experience totals close to two-hundred years of in-field and hands on experience at all levels of leadership.

Water Management Services

Blue Tech Water is a leader in Agricultural, Post Harvest, and Industrial food safety and efficiency management systems.

Ag Chemistry

Blue Tech Waters is chemistry agnostic and offers all types of proven chemical formulations for water management applications.

Ag Tech & Irrigation Automation

Blue Tech Water can help you increase efficiency using the latest Ag Tech & Irrigation Automation technologies.

The Blue Tech Water Advantage

Customer Support

At Blue Tech Water, customer satisfaction is our top priority. As a client-focused company, we strive to be your most valued and accessible water management partner.

Mobile Apps

Blue Tech Water’s cutting-edge technologies bring the water management data and information you need right to your fingertips so you can rest assured that your crops are in good hands.

Experienced Professionals

Blue Tech Water’s team of experienced, licensed, and professional food and water safety experts, advisors, field technicians, technologists, trainers, and engineers are among the best in the industry.

Trusted Brands

From our multi-functional inhibitors, sequestering agents, biocides, inhibitors, passivation, and pre-treatment products, Blue Tech Water only works with trusted brands including ADOX™, Aqucar™, BioSide™, Bromicide®, Carus™, BromMax®  and more.

Reliable Technologies

From the field and processing plants to packing houses, industrial water treatment plants, wineries, breweries, and more, Blue Tech Water’s team of expert engineers have the experience and knowledge to implement and manage reliable food and water safety treatment technologies.

Trusted Experts

Our team members are some of the best trained in the industry. We have Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialists, Certified Water Technologists, Cal DPR Pest Control Advisors, and Produce Safety Rule Certified Trainers, on staff ready to assist you.

Industry Leaders

As industry leaders, Blue Tech Water works closely with the industry and academics to constantly improve and validate our offerings. Since inception, we have provided ongoing funding and support for research projects with UC Davis Ag extensions and University of Arizona Extensions.

Personalized Help

At Blue Tech Water, relationships matter.  You matter and the safety of our communities matter.  As a trusted partner in the food and water safety management industry, our professional, experienced, and trained advisors are only a phone call away.

100+ Years Experience

Founded in 2018 by a team of whose first water treatment company began in 2004, Blue Tech Water’s team of leadership and technicians offer well over 100 years of combined experience in the food safety and water treatment industry.

Water Management Professionals

Trusted water management solutions that will help your crops grow more efficiently.
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Blue Tech Water’s water management solutions help growers and processors produce more food with less water, while improving quality and efficiency.  In short, we help you grow more with less water.

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Blue Tech Water is proudhappyhonored to partner with these fine organizations

Blue Tech Water maintains active involvement with LGMA, PMA, CPS, FSMA, PSA, Cal DPR, CMS, ASHRAE, CDC, OSHA and more so that we can be of service to your organization in helping to maintain regulatory compliance.