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Blue Tech Water specializes in application chemistry for all types of agricultural uses. Our primary focus centers around micro-irrigation management, food safety, wells, lakes, ponds, and reservoir’s. From crops and orchards to greenhouses and vineyards, Blue Tech Water’s licensed and trained experts can help you grow more while improving water efficiency.

Wineries & Breweries

Wineries and Breweries utilize stainless steel and specifically designed equipment for the very delicate protocol of the production process. The cleaning and sanitizing procedures are a critical component of maintaining consistent quality and flavor. BTW can assess the status, offer analytical evaluation, and make recommendations for a comprehensive SOPP.

Food Processing

The food processing and packing industry professional requires a very high standard for cleaning and sanitizing strategies to meet regulatory compliance, improve shelf life and maintain consumer safety standards. Blue Tech Water provides on-site survey capabilities, recommendations, and guidance to ensure SOPP’s are in place and followed.

Cold Storage

Fruit and vegetable growers require cold storage and controlled atmosphere facilities to the lower the produce temperature. This process allows additional shelf life for perishable products prior to shipping. This process requires heat exchange equipment such as cooling towers which can form mineral deposition. BTW cleans fouled systems and provides preventive maintenance remedies.